Thursday, June 21, 2018

Comment fix...that seems to work for now.

All this GDPR stuff has reeked havoc with our comments on Blogspot blogs.
Google seems to be behind the 8-ball, with a fix.
My friend Carol over at "Just Let me Quilt" posted a temporary fix,
 that seems to be working for a us right now.
She got the info from Gayle who got the information from Daryl,
 who got the information from Lea Anne...
Yep, that's how us bloggers roll! We have each others backs.
Check out her post
Thanks to all involved in trying to get us back up and running.
It seems to be working for me right now!
Which makes me very HAPPY!!!

I thought I was on the right road...
but foiled again.
Apparently AOL doesn't play well with others now.
I'm now getting these email in my spam file, from all who tried to reply to
 comments, I have posted on their blogs!
I'm giving in on this one and changing my email to my Gmail account.
Hopefully that resolves this.

Wordpress, was ahead of the game on this one, and as I understand.
If your on Wordpress you don't have the issues with comments.
Score 1 for Wordpress!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June SnowHearts

I'm a bit behind in posting my "SnowHeart" this month.
Sorry if you visited yesterday hoping to see it.
Yesterday was about flowers. Hope you did enjoy my blog hop post though.

Here is my June Snow Heart. 
June being the a very popular month with weddings and all.
Gifts galore, are adorning this sweet little snowperson!
I am celebrating my 39th anniversary on Saturday myself.
No gifts at this stage of the game. We just hope we don't forget it all together.
You know it's true... the mind is the first to go!

"Snow Hearts" were monthly freebies from Bunny Hill a couple of years ago.
A few of us challenged ourselves to get those old patterns out of our computers 
and just do them!

Karen from Sunburnt Quilts 
Shez from I Am
Jeanette from Celtic Craft Girl

You need to see just how different each and everyone of our looks.
It's "snow" much fun to see them all.
As for me, I'm using my "Island Batik" scraps.
But you really need to check out the others.
They are "FABULOUS"

til next time...
keep on Stitchin'

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Where Flowers Bloom Blog Hop

Spring has sprung and the flowers are bloomin'!
It's fun to be able to show them off after that long winter season.
They bring renewed hope for a colorful summer.
A big thanks to Carla from Creatin' in the Sticks,
for sharing a little sunshine, with flowers.

I thought and thought on what to do for this hop.
 There are so many floral fabrics and designs for us to work with.
But I wanted to be different...
(I'm sure your finding that one hard to believe)
Then one of those "Eureka" moments hit me
Pachyderms in my Petunia Patch
(Even though I know the flowers in my garden, are water iris)
"Patchwork Elephants", is the real name of this pattern from the 

These "be-spectacle'd" silly elephants, just make me laugh!
 Best yet, they bring their own flowers along.
Their welcome, to take a romp thru my garden any time...
And even a little dip in the pond.
We all know just how much elephants love water!
Just as long as they don't disturb my babies!

Most of this fun quilt, came right from my batik "stash".
I'm absolutely in love with their pieced ears, bodies and flowers.
It gives them so much character.
Yes, I do love using up that stash. It's like getting a free quilt from leftovers.
And it keeps my scrap drawers from overflowing!
Win-Win, I'd say.

Toni, brings so much whimsy into everything she designs.
She brought a ton of "happy" into this one!
If you've never taken the time to visit her, I recommend you do so.
She's even got a Facebook group you can find 
There's just no better place to visit when you need a 
"pick me up"
(Not to mention her $4 Friday sales)
Hope you have enjoyed your romp thru my Petunias!
It's my turn to take a little siesta now.
"Sew" hop on over to see what's growing in my fellow bloggers gardens.

Friday, June 15th

Looking for a fun new hop???
Have a fun freebie pattern or tutorial on your blog, you'd like to share?
There is a plethora of fabulous freebie's online.
Find your favorite and share that with us.
Just make sure you have a working link to it, so we can all enjoy.
As a courtesty, give credit where credit is do.
What a great way to start on those holiday projects early.
I've got a few spaces available yet, so join in on the fun.
Email your info to
Subject line...Fabulous Freebies

Your name
Blog name 
Blog link

I'm blown away with all the view of my post today,
 and I'm so sorry I can't respond to the comments.
I sure hope blogger figures this out soon. 
Just know you all, have made my day!
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Happy Campers

I'm so behind the times.
I've not shared my Estes Park Quilt retreat yet.
It was only back in April.
Where has time gone????
This retreat just outside "Rocky Mountain National Park"
was on the heels of my Lancaster Pa retreat.
Spoiled, I know.
The "Flying Quilters" rented a vacation home at the Rocky Mountain YMCA camp.
It's such a beautiful area.
We had wild turkeys outside our door.
 Along with deer
and elk

Inside our machines were humming...

You see, after a day of shopping at a sew expo, 
we fell in love with this adorable pattern for a 
"Happy Camper Bag" by Jennifer Jangles.
A perfect project for our retreat.
We all brought along our patterns, 
and I loaded up my "Island Batik" scrap drawer...
Happily we stitched these ohhhh "sew" cute tote bags.
It was so much fun to see how each of them turned out, with the different fabrics.
We did make one change to the pattern.
We stitched ours on "headliner" fabric, AKA "Soft and Stable",
 to give it a nice structure and make it stand up. 
The sample we saw at the expo was just stitched with a batting.
Not knowing just how our design change would work, 
we were delighted with the results!

So much so in fact, that I've joined the Jennifer Jangles affiliate program.
This is a first for me...
Jennifer's sense of whimsy, speaks right to my soul.
If you shop thru the link on my right hand sidebar,
 I will earn a small commission on the sales.
You can also visit 
You will be seeing more of Jennifer's fun patterns on my blog soon.
And maybe a giveaway or two! (winky winky)
I do appreciate your support.

 Everyone had a different style, that gave these campers so much personality!
This was my roommate.
Don't let that sweet face fool you...
Someone tied my pajama bottoms to the arms!
Yes, we giggled for hours on end, and drove the rest of them nuts I'm sure.
hahahaha (yes, I'm still laughing)
(camper in progress)
(camper in progress)
Yours truly...
We are all sharing some of our fun gifts.
If you noticed the little dolls...
These were from "Toot" who couldn't be there this year.
She did come last year, but I wasn't there.
Thank you for the sweet little of these days we really will, get to meet!

A big thanks to "Island Batik" for the fabulous fabric they provide me.
I loved being able to "pay it forward" and share them with my fellow quilters.
 What's our project next year going to be???

til next time...
keep on stitchin'