Friday, October 9, 2015

IBA/YCQ Blog Hop

Today kicks of the Island Batik Ambassadors/You Can Quilt blog hop.
Marlene Oddie and Leila Gardunia have written a fabulous book, and for the next month we are going to share blocks from every chapter. Quilters new or old are not going to want to miss this one!

Starting off the hop today is Leila Gardunia.

You can visit her right 

As for me...I'm working on my own skill builder through out this hop.
It never hurts to refresh your skills.


Oct. 9 – Ch. 1. Basics 

Oct. 12 – Ch. 2. HST 

Oct 14 – Ch 3. QST 

Connie Kresin Campbell

Oct. 16 – Ch 4. Flying Geese 

 Maryellen McAuliffe  http://

Oct 19 -- Ch. 5. Wonky 

Christine McCrann Martinez  http://

Oct. 21 – Ch. 6. Improvisation 

Connie Kauffman  http://

Oct. 23 -- Ch. 7. Foundation Paper Piecing 

 Joan Kawano  http://

Oct. 26 – Ch. 8. Curves 

Oct. 28 -  Ch 9. One-Patch Blocks 

Oct. 30 – Ch. 10. Applique

 Barbara Gaddy  http://

Nov. 2 – Ch. 11. Inset Seams 

Pamela Boatright

Nov. 4 – Ch. 12. Challenge Blocks 

Linda Stewart Pearl

Nov. 6 – Ch. 13. finishing 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Halloween

I'm sure by now, most of you have heard of the Farm Girl Vintage book.
I have a zillion books on my shelf, but broke down and 
bought it myself a few months back.

Our quilting group "project manager" Joi found kits for this fun little pumpkin block, while she was Row by Row shopping in this summer.

Laying out all these little squares was painstaking.
You would have thought we were preparing for brain surgery!

We had a few floral prints, that just didn't seem to fit in that well.
Strangely enough once it was complete, 
everything played nice together. 

There's a lesson to be learned here.
Now if only people could play as well together!

I love my new table topper.
It's perfect for fall.

And it looks great layered with my "not so 10 minute" table runner!

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Not So 10 Minute Table Topper

I'm sure most of you have heard of the 10 minute table topper...
Joi from our weekly quilt group, keeps us busy with adorable projects she finds for us to do.

This time it was a 10 minute table topper, in this oh so cute Halloween print.

As we were getting ready to stitch... we decided that no one really likes the looks of a table runner without batting.  Into my scrap batting bag we we went and a voila, we figured out how to convert this quick and easy 10 minute pattern into a days project! Oh the magic of it all.  LOL!!!!

Simple quilting with a  little meander and some lime green thread.

I just love this print.
Joi has the best eye for fun fabrics...
and she's a Halloween junkie just like me!

As we were looking for buttons to finish off the ends 
(like the pattern showed)

I remembered my Accuquilt GO cutter.

Now that's how you change up a pattern and really make it your own.

Thanks girls for another fabulous day of stitching and a 
wildly fun finish!
Who knew we were pattern designers!
tee hee

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Oh, I have to share...

I just love being able to share photos of quilts that friends make.

Are these just too cute?
She's got lots of babies, she's stitching for.

Stephanie took a class from me a few years ago, and it looks like that quilting bug
has bit her! 


Nothing makes me happier than managing to get another one "hooked" on this quiltin' thing!

You made my day girl!
Wish you hadn't moved so far away. 
Oh, the sew ins we could enjoy!


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Paper Piecing Class

Now if this isn't just the cutest...

One of the gals in our quilt group, found these kits on a quilt shop adventure, and bought them for all of us.
Then she tells me that I am going to teach them how to paper piece.
Now if that's not a way to loose friends!
Especially the one who just started quilting.

After a long day, everyone was dazed and confused...
but done...

and a celebration was in order!
Oh yes, that's Joi who started this all in the corner there!

I'm no fan of corn, but this lil thing just brings a
smile to my face. 
Oh those corn that's what makes it sing!
Who'd a thunk?

Last night we had the most beautiful skies.

I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a few photos.

Tonight is the red moon...
We will see if that photographs as nicely!