Tuesday, July 22, 2014

No sew day

It was a no sew kind of day yesterday.  Nope, my BFF of 50 years and her family, came to town! We took a little adventure to the Denver Botanical Gardens to see the Chihuly Blown Glass exhibit.

Warning:  lots of photos. :-)

There was surprisingly few flowers in bloom, but those that were, were stunning.
I can almost see each and every one as the base of a fabulous art quilt.

Oh and my "pic" of the day...

Kind of takes your breath away doesn't it?

I just got a comment from a no reply blogger about the last photo I took and an award winning quilt at Houston last year.

This blows me away, I had  no idea...
Thanks Kristin for the link. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Mosiac Quilt...Reflection


I don't know about you, but my favorite color schemes seem to change almost as much as the direction of the wind.

Long was I a huge fan of the primitive look.   Brights came along, but they just did not appeal to me, at the time. So many of my early quilts have that old, more drab  or lets say primitive look to them.

While cleaning up my quilt stash the other day, I ran across this one.

Mosiac Quilt

I have to smile, when I can relate quilts to a time in my life...
I know exactly what happened when this was made. 

I went to work one day, and the airline I worked for, had ceased operations the night before. They closed their doors forever.  It came out of the blue, not even a hint. My co-workers were like family to me, and we were all in a state of shock.
Suddenly having all this time on my hands, and dealing with the feelings of loosing my family,  I chose to bury myself in making a quilt.
Still pretty new to this whole world, I found that I had taken on way more than I realized at the time.

I laugh at the stripes that don't all go the same direction, or the crazy color combinations that I put together....oh who knew?  :-)
But it was the challenge my mind needed then.

 I was listening to the 60's on 6, on Sirius radio recently. They had an interview with the
 Dave Clark 5.  A comment they made has really stood out in my mind...
 "Imperfection is what lead to perfection"

It was one of those sobering comments that really,  just about says it all doesn't it?
So applicable to so many parts of our life.

It sure doesn't mean that there is anything about this quilt, that is perfection. But I think it gives us all reason to rethink some of the things we do, and not be so darn hard on ourselves. 
When it comes to quilting, most never see our imperfections, and if it's really big...well it's all quite possible, it will be the next big quilting craze.

This bed doesn't seem to complain about the ugly quilt on it.

Lets be kinder to ourselves. 
It's quite likely that the only one who sees imperfection, is ourselves!

 This encompasses all parts of our lives don't you think?


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I've been busy...yes I have

I have no idea just how it happened, but I am LOVING it.

This has been the year of pattern testing for me. It's so exciting to feel like I am on the ground floor of something big about to happen. Seeing all the delightful new talent coming up and playing with fun new creations. Who could ask for anything more.

When Amy over at Sew Incredibly Crazy put out the call for pattern testers, I jumped at the chance.

I know you all remember her wonderful quilt from the Picnic Blog Hop

Who could pass up a chance to test out this beauty?

Having just come off of a marathon fabric dyeing session myself, I had some hand dyes that were screaming to be used...
 And after combing thru my stash, I found this combination, and off to work I went.

It's summer time and this fun Route 66 travel print was just the ticket.

On, went the start points.
Oh I love how the colors play...

 And my finished "Watkins Star" quilt.
I added a border of that Route 66 fabric,
just because it makes me smile.

Now I'm ready for a picnic too!

Thanks Amy for letting me "play" with your first pattern!
It was well written, fast to put together, and easy enough for the newest of quilters.
I see a great future in pattern writing coming your way!

 You can purchase Amy's pattern over at Craftsy

Make sure you visit her blog and check out the other testers quilts. 

Wonderful eye candy!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Quilting Diva

It's purple, it has a crown, and a cat, and what the heck a frog...
Who just wouldn't love it?
 This, is what welcomes you into my studio.
Oh if only I could still wear those jazzy knee hi's at my age!

This design is from the Quilted Frog. If you have never visited their site, you don't know what your missing. They have the cutest darn patterns! So whimsical, so unique.
Check it out...

Here is my current wish list!

                                              BlackBerry Pie

 Paris Cafe

 Pig Starlet

What about you? What are  your fav's.

 It's all kind of shocking that Moosestash Quilting, doesn't have a moose in the entryway, isn't it?
What can I say!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

SunBonnet Sue-January Banner

You whoo...
Do you Sue?

Well if you do, Prairie Cottage Corner has the Sue for you!

I have be fortunate enough to be chosen to test out patterns for them.

Kathie has designed an entire year of banners for Sue.
Each banner is 32" square.
Kathie does hand applique, Joan does not!  LOL!
But I convinced her to give me a shot with my fusible.
So no matter what your preference is...

Just makes you heart happy, doesn't it!