Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Testing, testing...1 2 3

Yep, I got back into some pattern testing! It's just so darn much fun. Everyone has a new thing to teach you, on this quilting road we love to travel.

This time, Connie over at "Freemotion by the River" let me play with her new design...Aruba Sunset.

Once I took a look at the pattern, I knew just what fabric I was going to use for my focus fabric.
This is a piece that I had been saving for that perfect project...
A piece that I snow dyed a few years back.
With all the snow that many of us have been seeing lately, what was more appropriate.
Unless of course, your in Aruba!

Now if your going to use snow dye fabric, you might as well show off  your project in all that snow too! Let me just tell you, we haven't had much for snow at all this winter...til about a week ago, and then the skies opened up! We have nothing to compare to my east coast friends, but that being said... I know I am sick of shoveling. I can't imagine how you all feel.

So there you have my pattern testing sample.
Connie, I think for this one, I have to rename it...
Something like "Arctic Sunrise".
What do you think?

Thanks for letting me play. 
I loved learning a new technique for that center star!
Pretty cool!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2015 SAL February

February is the month of "Love"

And this little one couldn't have said it any better.

You can find a free chart for her and lots of other fun things right 

Hoping you all felt the "love" this month!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Check that one off the UFO list

Thanks to my friend JoAnn, I get to remove this one from my list of PIGS (projects in grocery sacks).

This quilt has been pieced for years, but somehow, never made it to the long arm.

A few years back, I talked my friend JoAnn, into taking my old HQ frame. The very first one that came out for home machine quilters. That one you taped down to a table top and set your domestic sewing machine on. I was so captivated with it at the time... but the frame was not very sturdy and was less that great to work with.  JoAnn had an interest in quilting, but wasn't quite sure...after playing on it a bit, her hubby worked over the frame and made it stronger, but she soon grew out of it.  Now 4 machines later for her... (it's not my fault JoAnn),  she is a fabulous free motion quilter. I have never really navigated out of pantographs on my longarm, so yes, I can say I'm a little jealous!

 Look at all this gorgeous quilting...

I love the flowers with the cross hatching in the centers.

And all those fun little pebbles!

 All topped off with these cool funky feathers in the border.
You can see just why, I jumped at the chance when she was looking for a quilt to practice on.  LOL!!

  So JoAnn, if your reading this...I've got more on my list of things to do!

                                                   Hint hint!
                                                Your the best!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Heavenly Chocolate Bliss

It was bliss for me, when I opened my email the other day...

A few years ago, I taught a class for this quilt.
Stephanie was one of the gals in the class.
We were co-workers at the time, then she moved away.
Fast forward a couple of years, and she sends me these photos.

 Isn't it just fabulous?

Steph is an incredible seamstress, but she hadn't done much quilting...
Her talent shows thru, and her quilting looks great!
I can't tell you just how thrilled I am.

 Here is Steph in class with her first Choco Bliss quilt. All pieced by the end of the classes!
She is amazing that's for sure.

That reminds me...
I have a second one in my PIGS (projects in grocery sacks) pile.
After having to empty my sewing room, I found all my little hiding places, which was a little shocking I must admit!
I'm happy to report, it's all put back together and I have only a few more boxes of fabric that I need to put away. And of course the forever straightening out things!
Look, there are no more holes in the walls
or chopped up carpet!

I love the Wainscot paneling
(my replacement window and window sill will be in later this week)

It was kind of fun to go thru things...
Changing up the quilts hanging, makes such a big difference.
My Mardi-Gras quilt looks so good, with the paneling. 

International Sun Bonnet Sue found a new home too.
I'm surprised at just how much exposure she has gotten.
There has been a lot of traffic on Pinterest, on her lately.

All I need to do is roll in my office chair and I am back in business.
Life is good!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Beaquilter's Peanuts BOM #2

Another one of Charlie Browns gang...

Miss Peppermint Patty...
the very one who thinks that Snoopy is just a funny 
looking kid with a big nose!
(just a little piece of Peanuts trivia for you)

 I hope you join in on this fun little adventure with the 
Peanuts gang. It's been quite some time since I paper pieced and I have to say
it's been fun to get back to it!
There is a link on my left side bar that will give you all the information.
And a big thanks to Alida for sharing these fun little patterns with us!