Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Arabian Nights

I've long been a Disney fan, so when I ran across this pattern, I knew it was going to be a must.

Another of those wonderful quilts the Quiltery offers!

Is this just the coolest?
The whole gang is here...

The Wizard

The Guards

The Monkey

Aladdin of course!

The Parrot

The Sultan


I love the quilting in it. Easy enough on a domestic machine.
I just made 1 line with my chalk marker, the switched to my Hera marker for the rest. Never did I imagine that it would work so well. I learned after a few lines, that looking ahead (much like driving)
gave me much straighter lines! Who Knew!  LOL!!
And that scroll work! Yum....

Everything was included in the pattern, right down to the quilting design.

 I'm definitely going to sit down and just enjoy this one for awhile!
My left arm needs a break. It got quite the work out pushing all that thru my machine for 3 days!
A break would have been nice, but this was like "chips" you couldn't stop with just 1!

I played a lot of mind games on this one.
You know...one more line and I will stop and get something to eat,
I'll stop and go to bed
I'll stop and go to the bathroom!

That one couldn't wait!

PS: I have a secret to share...
I had a horrible accident when this was all done. I always put Fray Check or Fray Block on my raw edge appliques. In a couple of places the black batik I used ran when the Fray Block hit it. 
What was I to do?
Some days it pays to save everything under the sun.
I dug thru my totes and found the flesh colored tole paint that is about 25 years old!
Hallelujah it was still good!
Can you spot where I had to repair things?
Hint Hint...
One place could not be fixed!
It's ok, I love it anyway.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wishing you an Eggstra Special Day!

Does this not just bring the biggest smile to your face?
You can imagine my delight, when I opened my package from the Mini Swap and found this gorgeous creation. 
My swap partner Wendy, is something else!
Those beautiful stitches and that incredible quilting...
Finished off with a fabulous lace binding.

I never thought of lace!
Even a lace sleeve to hang it with.
Just as the backing she chose says...
You're Eggstra-special, Wendy 
and I am so blessed to be your swap partner.
Thank you thank you!!

May you all have an Eggstra Special Day!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Square 1 Art

When my special Alaska girl, gave me this key chain she designed, I knew I was going to have to turn it into a little quiltie for her.

Have you heard about Square 1 Art?  If you have a child in elementary school, you likely have.
Every year, your child draws a project and turns it into "Square 1 Art". What a fun keepsake to collect from year to year.

With the help of scanners and printers, it's so easy to turn their works of art, into a quilt pattern.

Elyse, is the artist for this piece.
I just put it to fabric for her.
Enjoy, sweet girl!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Hippity Hoppity, Easter's one it's way!

                                    And some bunny is peeking in on you! 

If this little guy looks familiar to you... it's because it's part of the Bunnies, Bees and Bears pattern, that I love so much.
You can find that pattern right HERE

  I got confirmation that my swap partner Jennifer, has received her package!

                                    Hope she has a wonderful Easter!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Pattern is out, the Pattern is out...

Memba that famous movie scene with the phone books?

Well, that is just how I felt, when I saw the post over at BeaQuilter.

Yes, Bea has gone and done it again...designed another pattern.   Boxes!   This is just the most versatile and fun pattern you can ever have. Best yet, it stitches up like lightening.

  You can find this pattern right HERE  on her Craftsy page and it will soon be on Quiltwoman.com

I was one of the lucky ones who got to pattern test for her.  Never did I expect to be able to put the fun fabrics I collected a few years back, to such good use.

I'm not even sure just why I bought it, but the crazy ole cowgirls just struck my funny bone.

Then there was that border print to match...

I was a gone-er and had to have it!

I threw in a bright orange 
(cause it so needed more bright...right)

And my quilt came out like this...

 If you check in on Bea's page, and it's linked up top for you, you can see all the different quilts that the testers made. Each and every one is so different and so much fun!
I'm telling you... this is a gotta have pattern!

Thanks Bea!