Sunday, October 23, 2016

Eerie Nights Blog Hop

Did someone say Eerie Nights????
                  That sounds like Halloween to me, and you know, I'm
all about Halloween...
Witchy, as I am!

It's "eerie"

and it's "sceery"

delightfully a "dreery"

We're all together "weery"...

Ok, I've got to shake this Adams Family theme song from my head.
Especially since, I've run out of words that rhyme and I can't spell!

So is this a trick, or is this a treat?

For me it was a treat!
A treat to be able to get in there
 and play with free motion quilting, that is.

"Happy Halloween" 
is a "Stitches of Love" pattern.
I found the pattern at a shop, 
while Row by Row shopping this year.

They now offer this as a row of the month.
You can find more on that 
and tons of other fun stuff!

Give away time.
The great folks at Quilters Dream, will be sending one of you
some of their fabulous batting to try.
A big thanks to them for supporting this hop.

Another big thanks to Marian from "Seams to be Sew"
for tempting me with this Eerie blog hop.
And Amy from "Sew Incredibly Crazy" for stepping in to host... well as all my other blogging buddies.
You've inspired me more than you know!
Check them all out.
Oct 20

Oct 21

Oct 24

Oct 25

Oct 26

Oct 27

Oct 28

Sending my best to Marian, in her big move back to the states.
I for one am thrilled as that makes Amy, Marian and I neighbors!
Sew, I'll be passing the time till she gets here
 in the MooseStash, stitching away!

Keep on Stitchin'

Friday, October 21, 2016

Getting out of the box...

Have you ever thought about doing something completely different, than what your used to?  When someone suggested we spend a night at a Paint and Sip studio, I knew I was in.  Not that I can draw worth beans, but I have that sipping thing down to a science.

Being Halloween junkies that we are...
Once we saw this "Jack"  we were sold.
If we were going to give this adventure a try, 
he would be the reason why!

Off we went, to the Whimsy Art Studio.

Getting all set up...
dare I point out that some of us look like we have excelled at that 
sipping thing already!  

We got right down to business and got serious with our background.
This is when my confidence kicked in and thought I was a professional!
Throw a little paint of the canvas, use a lot of water...
Heck this painting thing's a piece of cake!

Backgrounds's where I get that rude awakening!
Artist I'm "not".

Suddenly the giggling stopped

the concentration kicked in

The reality that we were actually creating this guy
hit us...

And you know...
He didn't look too bad for a bunch of beginners.
With the exception of Shona that is!

A short 2 1/2 hrs later, and we all had our masterpieces.
Each one different, each with their own personality...
but definitely "Jack".

We are all just pretty darn pleased with our 
pieces of "art"!

Let the Halloween Haunting begin...

Keep on Stitchin'
but give something "new" a try!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

QAL Update

While I was down in Albuquerque last week, I wasn't slacking...

Nope, before I left, I spend 2 days preparing the little
half square triangles.
That was a huge help in assembling all these bear paws.

I shared this trial block before...
Since it went together correctly with these triangle paper templates, which you can find 
I was ready to cut into my fabrics.

I stitched and I stitched...
even without bobbin sometimes...
Thats a big faux pas... that blasted faux stitching!

I kept all my parts and pieces close at hand, along with the finished blocks for inspiration...

Next up was the bear.
I took a break from piecing all those paws.
Oh, how I love the way it's turning out.

You know I had to shoot for the biggest quilt in the pattern.
That's a "LOT" of half square triangles and many many blocks,
but I'm happy to say, that yesterday I finished up piecing
the last of them. On to putting it all together and starting on the
paw border! 

I must say, I'm "sew" glad I found these Northcott fabrics.
They really are stunning. I got a little nervous while piecing all this,
 as the fabric is last years collection, and finding it was difficult.
I was short about 1/8 yard from the pattern requirements.
I did a little happy dance, when I had 1/2 yard leftover, 
and a plan in my head, to make this full size quilt fit my king size bed.
I'm pretty sure I have enough background fabric to do it!

Thanks Lorna for a fabulous pattern and a great QAL!

You can find more on it right 

Keep on Stitchin'

Monday, October 17, 2016

Pumpkin Fest with Island Batik

It's that time of year where the colors change, and we all start
thinking about fall.
Island Batik did too, and has released fabulous
new fabrics.

Makes your heart go pitty pat, doesn't it?

The pattern I chose is the perfect way to show them off.

I love these wonky pumpkins.

And that fun border is a great scrap buster.
I never throw a scrap of these batiks away.

Here's the book that I found it in.
I do believe it's new.

A coffin quilt and a black cat quilt...
I'm definitely going to be making the rest of these cuties.

A big thanks to Island Batik...
you really know, just how to spice up my fall!

Keep on Stitchin'

Saturday, October 15, 2016

I'm baaaack.... heavy! ;-)

Bet you'll never guess where I was!

It was "International Balloon Fiesta" time in Albuquerque NM

There is just something about seeing the skies light up with all these
wonderful "special shape" balloons.

I just can't get enough of the special shapes.
The balloon with the birds above, was actually 3 sided.

The weather was perfect the day we went.
I'm not that lucky every year.

I even played around with what I call my "Balloon Eclipse" photos.

Oh, I could go on and on...
but as hubs says, they all look just like the photos you took last year!

When I left, the landscapers had started on my yard...

Finishing up what we started last year.

Adding tires around my drive.

It's kinda crazy, but it works with the car pond.
And those tires light up at night.

Here's what it looked like when I got home.

Brand new lawn and topsoil, so we don't fight it another 35 years!

New picnic area with room for a fire pit...
the one that no one assembled while I was gone!

And my partially finished "outhouse".
Not a real one...
This used to be the kids playhouse when they were little.
Now it's just a place to store 
my patio furniture in the winter, and provide us 
 with a good laugh all summer long!

Lots of little things to do yet...
But it's starting to look up around here.

I just love this time of the year.

Now, I'm off to finish up my Island Batik Pumpkin Fest project.
Oh, I never leave home without my sewing machine.
I just need to get it quilted now!
Keep on Stitchin'