Friday, March 16, 2018

Happy St.Patty's Day!

I do have to laugh when I think about the fact that St. Patrick's day, 
is a day that honors "St. Patrick", one of Ireland's patron saints.
It's thought that he passed away in the year 493.
I wonder if he ever saw this day,
 turning into the crazy fun celebration that it has become.
Somehow I just don't see him ponying up to the bar, to order green beer,
 with silly shamrock glasses on his face. 
Chicago, dies its river green.
Denver, has a big parade and green bagels are the rage.
What St Patty's fun does your city have?

For's all about these silly Leprechaun Pant treat bags!
I can pass of the beer and I've never heard of green wine!
Darn it.
Just fill up these pants with chocolate and I'm a happy girl.
My treat bag sits on a field of shamrocks...
Yes, that is an "Island Batik" fabric.
Perfect for the day.

You can find the pattern for these fun Leprechaun Pants
Oh, and there is also a bunny pants treat bag, 
and Easter is only a couple of weeks away!
Maybe you can fill his pants with these delights!
These are Thin Mints!
Not the Girl Scout kind, but a very close runner up.
These are made with "Ritz"crackers and almond bark.
Almond bark melts and covers much better than chocolate chips 
or the Wilton Melts, and it comes in white, light or dark chocolate. 

Just melt 1 package of almond bark in a double boiler on the stove, 
mix in 1-1/2 teaspoons of peppermint extract.
You can add food coloring at this point if you like.
Cover your "Ritz" crackers and let dry on wax paper.
I use a fork to do this. It helps with shaking off the excess.
I found these green candy shreds in the Wilton department at Wal-Mart.
They have all different kinds of fun things you can sprinkle on top, to jazz them up.

The recipe was shared during the virtual cookie exchange blog hop.
Unfortunately, I can't remember just who it was who shared it, but they are awesome!!!!!
I do apologize for not being able to give credit where credit is due.
Let me know, and I will update this post!

Come back and visit me on Monday!
It's my day for the Quilt Qwazy Queens blog hop, where we are sharing our UFO's
for International Quilt Day.
til next time...
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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Gnome for the Holidays Block 2

I am absolutely loving this free BOM  from Fat Cat Patterns.
Here is my block 2.

If you remember last month, I said I had a game plan...
yes, I'm happy to report that it's working for me so far.
Having my fabrics pulled, makes for half the work.
It's those decisions on fabric that slow me down!
Is this just the cutest pattern?
You can find it 
Join in on the fun...

til next time...
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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Snow Hearts - March

If you remember last month, I stepped up and decided to get those patterns
 out of my computer and...
get er done as they say!  
I'm joining my Aussie friends in showing off a new Bunny Hill Snow Heart
 each month this year.
Here is March
Have you every heard that saying "in like a lion, out like a lamb"?
To me, it's a March weather-ism... but I found some interesting folk lore...
Check out what by online buddies have done with their snow hearts.
We are each going a completely different direction with them. It's "sew" fun!
Karen from "Sunburnt Quilts"  
Shez from "I am"
Have you make up these guys yet? Join in on the fun and show off yours too.
Let me know and I'll add in your link!!!!

til next time...
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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Try a Technique with the "Island Batik" Ambassadors

New challenge.
Island Batik has challenged us to try a technique that we have never done before.
For many of us, this was a difficult one.
We've quilted for years, and found what personally works best.
Now we have to throw caution to the wind,
 do something completely out of our comfort zone,
and share it with the world?
Yikes, that's just scary!
Timing is everything and for me...
I had just been approached to participate in a blog hop 
for X-Blocks.
Having never used these before, I decided a practice run was in order.
Pulling out my "Island Batik" stash...
and using the smallest template 
I was able to create this 22 1/2" square table topper.
These batiks sure put the zippidy into my do-dah, don't ya think?
Each individual block finishes at 2 1/4".
If you study can pick out the individual blocks and see what 
creates the overall design.
Talk about great packaging...
Storage for your templates and patterns all in one.
But there is more...way way more.
You won't believe what you can do, with these things.
Make sure you catch the X-Block blog hop next month.
I've got more to share
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Monday, March 5, 2018

Think Small Blog Hop

How often do we get caught up with all the inspiration?
There are so many creative people out there in cyberspace.
My plate fills up fast, with things I want to do.
If only I was going to live to be a zillion years old!
In comes "Carol" to ground us just a bit.
Lets think on a smaller scale.
Something that's doable in a very short amount of time.
Thank you Carol, I'm all about that!
While I was working on my blocks for "It's a Wild Life" BOM, 
I had some left over triangle pieces from trimming off my maple leaf stems.
On went my thinking cap.
Each section stitched and trimmed down to 3" blocks.
There was just enough to make this nice size 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" pinwheel.
...perfect for a small "Headliner" bag!
If your like me, you can never have enough bags around.
I was looking for something to put my binding clips in, 
and this little one will be perfect.

Let me show you how I did it.
I start out by layering my block on top of a piece of "headliner" fabric, 
and a piece of lining. I like to cut my headliner fabric about 1/2" wider and longer than necessary and the lining about 1" wider and longer.

Headliner fabric you say?
It's a great foam based product that they actually use on the roof inside your car.
It's widely used in purse making for stability.
At, it's called "Soft and Stable".
An 18" x 58" piece sells for $11.95.
There is a polyester fabric fused to each side of a piece of foam.
I'm cheap!
JoAnn's Fabrics also carries it. It's called a  "Foam backed Headliner fabric".
It is sold for $14.99 a yard and is 54" wide.
As you can see, that is one huge price difference, 
and they always have a sale or a coupon you can use.
There is a difference. Their fabric only has the polyester on one side of it.
I'm no expert, but I'm not sure what the difference is.
Once it's stitched inside your project,  you never see it. 
I have only used this and have no problems stitching it at all.
In fact, it's kind of amazing just how easy it is to sew.
That being said...
Here is what JoAnns posts on their site about it.
Dry Clean only fabric may "crock"
I must say, I have never had any "crocked" fabric yet.
(I'm so glad I'm not the only one who can spell worth beans)
But that being said, I very seldom wash my things made with it,
and I let them air dry if I do.

Sew...back to the block.
Layer them up and quilt them all together as you like.
I just stitched along the pinwheel blades. Trim it up square.
Next up we are going to make a piece for the top, using the same method.
 Mine is about 2 1/2" wide, but you can use any size you like.
You want to make sure you make it wider than the last piece you stitched.
(you'll see why later)
Trim that up when your done.
Now take a zipper that is longer than your piece, to allowing for trimming later.
and stitch it zipper side face down on top of the pinwheel sandwich.
Make sure your zipper pull is on the bottom, before stitching.
Flip your block down and top stitch to the zipper.
Do the exact same thing for your little top piece next.
Now you can see just why we wanted the zipper to be longer 
and why we made the top piece bigger. 
It allows us to trim without hitting anything metal on the zipper,
as well as not having to be perfect in placing the top piece.
Move your zipper pull towards the center of the block
 and stitch each end of zipper, before you trim.
Using your completed front as a size guide, make a back piece about 1" wider and longer.
Make sure your Headliner fabric and your lining fabric are larger as before.
Quilt as desired, and trim up the back.
Lay the top on the back keeping the lining pieces facing each other, 
and stitch around all sides
Now trim up your new bag and bind to finish the edges.
I added a loop to my bag before I add the binding.
There you have it...
A quick and easy scrap buster.
For those who have an eagle eye...
You might have noticed that there were different colors of  "Headliner" fabric
in these photos. It does come in tan and black, 
and I have both in my bag of scraps. 
When using batiks fabrics it doesn't show thru,
 so I never worry about what color I use.
Wanna know what my favorite, bag of scraps are?
...not a thread do I waste.
It's amazing just how far our scraps can take us!
What's in your scrap bag...extra blocks, fun prints...panels???
They can all make fast and fun bags for any occasion.
I showed you mine, now you show me yours!

Just a reminder...if your interested in awesome labels for your quilts
 or special projects...
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