Thursday, August 22, 2013

More Christmas projects

While the HoHoHo blog hop is over, I did just finish up one more little project.

Actually I have been doing a little pattern testing for Sindy over at Fat Cat Patterns

I love these little guys, and chose to do them out of glow in the dark fabric. It's impossible, for me anyway, to get a photo of them glowing... but I can tell you, it sure is fun to see at night.

 This pattern comes in 2 sizes... a 36" which is what I chose, and a 48" one.
While it was designed to be a tree skirt, I filled in the center and make it a table topper. That smaller size is perfect for it! 

I imagine a wonderful glow dancing off them from a candle centerpiece.
With the smell of cinnamon whafting thru the air...
Oh, I can hardly wait for the holidays!
While the pattern is not available just yet, it will be very very soon!
You won't want to miss it!



  1. Cute table topper. I can smell the cinnamon too. I will happy for the temperature to go down a little bit here in Texas.

  2. Awe that is sew cute! I think snowmen are now my favorites!

  3. Those are darling. I would love to see them glowing in the dark.

  4. What a wonderful design. Each one is cuter than the next. Great idea to use as a table topper. You tested very well.

  5. Ohhh yes HO HO HO is most certainly in order....what a great are just soooo cool

  6. These snowies look so cute and I love the idea of glow in the dark fabric! What fun! Just imagine all the mischief you could have with that fabric!