Friday, May 16, 2014

Bloggers Quilt Festival Art Quilt Entry

Don't you just love this time of the year...when that wonderful Amy brings us all together for the best quilt show on the planet. One where we all can participate and view all the pretties without leaving our home. No traveling to far away places, no crowds, just fuzzy slippers and a big ole cuppa!  Thanks Amy, you make our lives complete!  :-)

This time around, I played with a little art quilting. If you have visited me, you know I am an big applique "junkie". This time, I took it to a whole new level. Being the huge coffee lover that I am, I started collecting the bags it comes in. I had a vision...and a few years later it came to pass!

This crazy guy was born!

 Never having approached anything like this before, it took some brainstorming.
I started with tracing my design on fusible web, and ironed it onto the back on my coffee bags.
The plan in my head was great, but in theory, it didn't work out so well. You can't peel the backing off the web and leave any of it on the coffee bag, with the slick surface!

But it did allow me to cut out my shapes, then
 I  resorted to using a glue stick to keep my pieces together.
It was a very daunting task, but it worked.

Carefully moving it to my background fabric, I was able to zig-zag each piece down.
I was delighted, how nicely those bags stitched!

And so much fun to see it come to life adding different bags.

  It became all about the placement of each piece on the coffee bag...

To frame off my little guy, I added some Herky Jerky coffee cups.
Have you ever Herky Jerkied before???
It's sooooooo much fun!

There you have my coffee inspired friend!
Background quilted and stretched on a canvas, hanging forever in my kitchen... My "homage" to the coffee gods. Reminding me that I drink way too much coffee.
But I wouldn't have it any other way.
Straight up, no cream no sugar.
Your welcome to stop in and share a cuppa anytime!

Just a note:
I think the biggest challenge of this entire project was taking photos. Nothing reflects more in a camera lens than those darn shiny coffee bags...who knew!
So sorry about some of the photos. I did my best.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed.
I myself, am off to see what everyone else has been up to.
See you there.
Thanks again Amy!


  1. Wow!! What a great idea! Looking at the first pic, I would NEVER have thought it was coffee bags!!! I love all your "moose" projects, but this one ranks number 1!!! Sew creative!

  2. How cool is THAT? Lovely - amazing - beautiful !! And I can imagine that taking a decent pic of it was a bit of a nightmare ;-))

  3. I really love this and the idea of using the coffee bags is so neat!

  4. You are always so creative. Love the reused Coffee Bag Moose. Just too cute!

  5. You are such a clever gal! Who else would use coffee bags to create a moose? And black coffee to me is the only way to drink coffee.

  6. Well I am speechless. I didn't even think looking at the initial photo this was made of other material besides fabrics. I was drawn to the moose of course, but this entire process has me inspired!

  7. Amazing. Who knew you could appliqué wigh coffee bags.

  8. Brilliant! I would never have thought of appliqueing with coffee bags, but love the idea. Moosefully wonderful....expect me to drop in soon for a cup. Great job.

  9. I love the coffee moose! This is wonderful!!!

  10. Love it! It sounds like you met this challenge head-on, and you conquered it! What a fabulous tribute to coffee - and you drink it the same way I do - I might have to stop by for a cuppa to check this moose out in person!

  11. This is very much you. What a crazy fun project. I would never have thought of sewing those bags. Is there anything you would not sew??
    It is brilliant!

  12. I love it! Every year I get my husband something moose related for his birthday because he goes hunting every fall and has yet to bring one home! He's also a coffee lover too.

  13. Interesting project! Well done, I like different.

  14. Oh my goodness! I love this quilt! I've been saving coffee bags, too, and tea bags, with the intention of doing some kind of quilt but no idea what. I still don't know what I'll do, but I love seeing what you've done with yours! Too much fun :)

  15. Great great great. Love it.

  16. A moose ? I could guess that, but coffee bags ? You're genius ! Love it Joan !

  17. I've entered a moose quilt too (different category) but yours is so clever!

  18. I saw a moose...just KNEW it had be yours...WOW...Love Love Love it....I'd been saving bags from cat treats but in a cleaning fit, just threw them out not to long ago...dang....will have to start saving again....You ALWAYS have the most unique must admit...I've never ever herky least I haven't done it it even legal?, admitting I don't even know what that means......Great Work!!!!

  19. Hi!!!! Wow!!!! Wow!!!!! OMGoodness!!!! The moose is amazing and wonderful!!!! Very creative with the coffee bags!!!!! I love the coffee cups too!!!! I like my coffee straight up also!!!!! Lots of it!!!!

  20. That is REALLY neat!
    - Katelyn @ Sing While Crafting

  21. I love this - there are some gorgeous coffee packets around but I have never thought about sewing with them before!

  22. So clever! and really pretty too. I love coffee this is great! Though I buy 5 pound bags in bulk packaging so if I tried this it would be very boring.

  23. Love that big Moose.I do not drink Coffee .Have never liked the taste or smell of coffee.I am curious are the bags Fabric or paper?

    i am