Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Breakfast at Cooper Landing

 I promised myself, I was not going to buy another thing...
But I lied.
Once I saw this pattern, I was reeled in. Hook, line and sinker.

Was it the moose, or the rich colors?

I will never tell.


  1. The color choices are wonderful. The moose is just cool. Do You name them? The Moose not the quilts.

  2. I wouldn't understand if you did pass this one up. Amazing detail and to think it is all fabrics. Creative Moose Bliss...

  3. Hi!!!! Gotta be the Moose!!!!!! I do love the colors too though!!!!!!

  4. Of course you could not pass this one up!!! Love it!!! The antlers and face on the moose being a different color really make it pop!!! Love it!!!

  5. So fun...I have the background batik you of my favorite I am hoarding in my stash.

  6. I can see why it hooked you. I really like it too. Love the stunning colours and the quilting.