Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Finished with love

These are the last 2 projects that I finished for my dear friend Mary who passed away almost a year ago now. Her family asked me to finished up her quilting projects.

This simple panel print accented with some hand stitching, 
was so much fun to see come to life with quilting.

 Just 1 quilt block.
The family wanted it made into a pillow.
I lined and batted it, and  for a little extra protection, 
I went around all the appliques with invisible thread.
Then, I added an invisible zipper to it for easy removal.

A little something to treasure forever!
Never underestimate the power of your work.
It will hold the key to someones heart someday!



  1. How incredibly sweet! I am so sorry for your loss. I can just imagine how these will be treasured by Mary's family. Hugs.

  2. I especially like the pillow. How kind you are to have done this for the family.

  3. Very nice, and very special for this family.

  4. What touching finishes they make! I know the family will treasure them.

  5. oh Joan, I know the family will appreciate all your hard work! I belong to a mall group of quilters. we meet once a month. we have been together for 16 years! one of our members passed away from cancer. and we finished her UFO's for her. I think there were 3! her hubby gave us all of her fabric and we divided it up. I still have Linda's fabric in a bag. I haven't been able to use it. that has been 5 years ago. Well, I think it is time. Linda would be chastising me for keeping it this long. Anyway, thanks for sharing. you made her work sparkle! hugs...

  6. Beautiful work and well done! This is something very special. Both projects look lovely.

  7. Hi!!!! They are beautiful!!!!

  8. So wonderful that you did this for them. You did a fabulous job. They are gorgeous.

  9. Both are beautiful, your friend would be proud of the finish. Sorry about your loss, it seems that the older we get our friend become more dear to us.

  10. The both are fabulous and I'm sure they will be treasures for years to come.