Saturday, September 19, 2015

Easter Party Quilt-A-Long "BIG" Reveal

            Without further ado... Let me introduce "Easter Party" to you!

We couldn't have done it, without this fabulous pattern from my favorite designer, "Angie" from Angie's Bits and Pieces.

Thank you Angie for not only inspiring us with your incredible talent, but allowing me to bring it to life with the help of none other than Island Batik.

Of course it goes without saying...

It's really "YOU"  who makes it all happen. It's because of "you" that I'm even able to do this "Quilt-A-Long".  When this "lil" blogger started her blog in 2009, she never imagined that it would turn into what it has become today.

I might keep me on track. Maybe finish a few things, from time to time. Allow me to share with you, occasionally.  Never did I expect it to take over my life!  I now stitch with a passion... to share, to inspire, to hopefully bring a laugh to your day.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... My goal is to inspire and entertain you down this crazy quilting road we all "seam" to love to travel. You have made it so much fun! All of you, who have chosen to follow me...well lets just say, you blow me away!  Your inspiration, and friendship. What a great community we have become!

As for Island Batik, I can't thank  you enough for believing in me, and allowing me to play!  This just might be the best "gig" I have ever had!   ;-)

Lesson learned...
Follow your dreams, and you will go great places!


  1. This is such a gorgeous quilt and the batik fabrics are just perfect for it!

  2. That is wonderful. I, too, am glad that your blog has become what it is - a real inspiration for all of us.

  3. lovely quilt and I agree with you about the blog and IB, it's the best!! and the friendships too :)

  4. Beautifully created and the Island Batik fabrics are perfect for bring each element to life. Creative Easter Bliss...

  5. I've totally enjoyed your journey with this amazing and beautiful quilt. Visiting your blog is always a happy place to be...thank you for sharing your quilt and your blog with all of us

  6. That will be a joy to show for many Easters to come. I have enjoyed watching this journey this summer. Can't wait to see whach ya got goin next. Only a couple more weeks.

  7. Joan, you got a badge for the halloween blog hop? was going to post but did not see one.

  8. That is fabulous.. I love the quilts and the batiks work so well in it. Now, if you ever wanna give that baby up.. throw it over this way... I'm totally in love with it. :)

  9. Joan, this is very pretty, lovely colours..what a wonderful contrast for this season...x