Friday, December 15, 2017

Snowman Candy Wrappers

I love a fun and easy holiday project.
Especially one that dresses up a little holiday gift.

Recently I stumbled on a post for these adorable snowmen candy wrappers
over at "Be Different Act Normal".
Really now...
Who doesn't love a name like that.
She shows off her "Snowman" 
And goes on to tell us that the tutorial page is no longer avail,
 but she did share a link to the printable
Get your printable and I'll walk you thru the steps I took.
It's really very easy!
First I started out with King Size Hershey Candy bars.
It's easy to tell the nuts from w/o nuts when your snowmen are done.
You don't want any allergic reactions from anyone!
Start by printing your snowman on landscape mode. Full size. 
You will get 1 per page.
I used my 6 1/2" ruler, setting it about 1/2" below the last button
and trimmed my page.
 Flip the paper over. It's a little hard to see,
 (I traced the heart only to make it easier for you to see in photos)
Lay your ruler about 1" right of the heart and fold the paper against the ruler,
to make a crease.
Fold that piece down. It will be the widest piece and helps conceal 
the writing on the wrapper.
(It's a must, you use regular printer paper as I did)
Now just above where that piece landed, run a line of glue with a glue stick 
and fold the other side over to meet.
(the glue aids in the final folding process)
 Flip him over and you can see there is considerably more paper on his left side.
That's a good thing!
Now flip him over again and lay your candy bar on the widest side rolling the edge,
 up to meet about where the seam of the candy wrapper is.
Run a line of glue along the fold on the right side, bring it over and on top sealing in the candy bar.
You can made adjustments by rolling the wrapper, so he is centered if needed.
Tack it with a little glue, as desired.
Let the decorating begin!
I used scraps of fleece cut 5" tall and 4 1/2" wide
(make sure the stretch is side to side, allowing it to slide over our snowman head)
Fold in half, stitch, and clip narrow strips on one end about 1 1/2" long,
to make the fringe. Turn right side out and slide onto snowman. Turning up to make a cuff.
Tie the fringe with a ribbon and tack down both front and back with a dot of glue.
(I used a low temperature mini hot glue gun)

Add a scarf and decorate away.
I love the fun little seasonal buttons.
I've purchased a nifty little tool that clips the shanks off the back.
It's much nicer when your gluing them down on something.

That's it.
A big thanks to Laurie Furnell
who shared this adorable little printable with us.
Unfortunately it doesn't look like her blog is active anymore.
She had some adorable things!
Check them out for yourselves.
If your reading this Laurie, come back.
We want to see more!

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Thursday, December 14, 2017

It's a "Wild" Life BOM 2018

Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy
has done it again.
She's gathered us all together for another fun BOM for 2018.
Our fabulous Pat, from "Life in the Scrapatch" is back with us this year.
Happy Dance Happy Dance!!

 It's a "Wild" Life...
(speaks directly to my soul)
It's still top secret...
I can tell you, it "moose" be one, you won't want to miss out on!
winky winky

Here's the schedule...
February- Amy












We have some fabulous sponsors again this year
with monthly prizes for those who finish their blocks.

You can join our FACEBOOK group to keep up
on the lastest 

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Table Scraps with Island Batik

Scraps, are the name of the game this month.
Dressing up our tables, the challenge.

I personally love diving into the scrap bin for projects.
When I'm done it feels like such an accomplishment...
using up those bits and bobs.
I consider it a freebie project, when I don't have to go out and purchase materials.
We all love getting the best bang for our buck, now don't we?
My scrappy topper came from the "Table Talk" book of runners, 
toppers and family treats, by Gudrun Erla. 
It's such a fun book. 

The little trees in this one, make for a perfect holiday table.
I used a variety of Island Batik fabrics,
from Christmas theme to brights and everything in between. 
It shows you, just how well all of the "Island Batik" fabrics play together.
It goes well with the "traditional" colors of Christmas... well as the bright's.
Oh, how I love the versatility!
It's been a wonderful year as an "Island Batik" Ambassador.
I do hope, I've been able to inspire you in our challenges with their fabulous fabrics.
Next month is our "Four Seasons" blog hop. 
We are sharing the new fabrics hitting the shelves next year.
Lots of fun things in store, your not going to want to miss one bit!

Wishing you all...

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Virtual Cookie Exchange Wrap-up and winner

Oh did my blogging buddies come thru with some fabulous recipes, 
guaranteed to add a pound or two to those hips. 
 Tis the season I say!
Color me "CHERRY" red!
When I wrote my post, I never dream-ed that it would be impossible to find cherry chips this year.
I did a little searching...
Log House still makes these chips, and if you email them and ask where in your area you can find them, they will respond. I got my answer in less than an hour the other day.
You can buy assorted brands on Amazon, but they are crazy expensive.
Bulk Priced Food Shoppe online also has them. $6.59 a pound plus shipping.
Gurley's also has them, 12 bags (10 oz) for $32, plus shipping.
(it was $12.75 for my area)
That's not too bad...$3.73 a bag. 

You might check with your local grocer and see if you can place a special order.
We have King Soopers here, which is a Kroger/City Market chain store.
They happily took my order today but it will take 30 days for them to come in.
I have no idea what they will cost, but I'm guessing if  it's like last year, about $3 a bag.

Hopefully that will help those who are interested in finding them.
They are perfect for Valentines day if you don't get them in time for the holidays.

I'd like to thank all of you who visited and commented.
The winner of the Island Batik fabrics I am giving away is...
drum roll please.........
I've sent you an email and will get them in the mail to you ASAP!

There is just one more thing I'd like to share.

This week I saw a Holiday Simmer Pot posted online.
I had to try it for myself.
 This one gets a BIG thumbs up!!!!!
It's made with apple cider, fruit and spices.
I made it up for quilt club this week and oh my house smelled sooooooo good.
A big thanks to Creative Cain Cabin.
You can find the recipe 
Now I must confess...
Hubby wanted to know what was in the crock pot.
I hollered up to him to not eat it, cause it was just for the smell.
I know he thought I had lost my mind.
But it got me to thinking. I didn't put the pine clipping in it, and it was just fruit and spices...
So I tried a little bit!  
While it smells heavenly and good enough to eat, 
Yucky yucky yucky...
I couldn't get that taste off my tongue.
Some kids never grow up!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Virtual Cookie Exchange Blog Hop

Oh that Carol...
Just when you thought you had that diet under control,
 she puts on a Cookie Exchange.
What are we gonna do with that girl??
My thighs thank you Carol...
Lets start by saying cookies always bring out the "monster" in me.
So when I heard about this, I knew just what I was going to do.
It's been baking in my brain for a couple of years now.
  I went to the cupboard, grabbed up my cookie cutters and went to work.
My cookies are:
Sugar free
Gluten free
Carb free
Fat free
GMO free
Now that sounds like you'll be eating cardboard doesn't it?'s close!

Here are my new favorite holiday cookies!
While they are "free" of all of the above, they are also 100% cotton.
You know a little something to keep those thighs warm with, at night!
Recipe you say...
Trace your favorite cutters on fusible web.
 Pick your "frosting" fabrics and let the fun begin.
I did fuse my cut out "frosting" fabrics to a large piece of tan fabric
 with fusing on the back.
Cutting each just a bit larger, for my cookie base.
Using "iron quick" ironing board cover fabric,
 gives the cookie sheet a realistic look.
The cookie sheet and cookies were stitched and quilted as a separate quilt, then
stitched to the background, for that dimensional look I love.
The spatula was hand drawn and added after all the quilting was done.
Then let the fun begin, by decorating your cookies right on the baking sheet.
You didn't think I was going to finish this off without a real cookie recipe though,
 did you?
Cherry Chip Cookies, are a "MooseStash" favorite.
Cherry chips are hard to find, so I stock up when I can.
I use the traditional Toll House Cookie recipe
but substitute these chips and cherry flavoring instead of vanilla.
I throw in a little red food color for fun.
The best cookies on the planet.

Hope you have enjoyed my cookies...
now tell me about yours.
I'm a bit captivated with these fabric cookies and would love
to hear what your ideas are for a cookie quilt.
Leave me a comment and I've got a little surprise
for one of you.
These rolls of Island Batik
will be perfect for your very own cookie quilt!
I'll be picking my winner Friday Dec 8.
(USA mailing only, unless your willing to pay postage for international)
a Rafflecopter giveaway
My fellow bloggers have been busy in the kitchen, baking up a storm just for you.
I know your not going to want to miss a thing.

December 5
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Domestic Felicity
Ms P Designs USA
Cynthia's Creating Ark

December 6
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One Old Goat and Her Little Farm
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Hazel's Daughter
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December 7
Quilt Doodle Doodles
Kris Loves Fabric
Life in the Scrapatch
Home Sewn by Us
For the Love of Geese
Stitch Days
Val's Quilting Studio
Tu-Na Quilts
It's a T-Sweet Day
Just Let Me Quilt

"Sew" there you have it...
Let the baking begin...cause
Friends and cookies really do make life bearable!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sun, Sand and Sea BOM

Here we are... the last block of this bright and sunny fun filled BOM.
Amy has created the cutest block to wrap up our Sun, Sand and Sea adventure.
Makes you want to take a nap in this tropical setting, doesn't it.
You can find the pattern for this block 
Remember it's free til the end of the month.
Past months are still available for a nominal fee,
and you will find the list of where to find each of them in Amy's post.

I finished up my block and was so excited the other day, 
that I had to add my borders and get it quilted.
I love prairie points, but am no fan of having to quilt with them.
So I made up this "faux" version,
stitching them down just like my appliques. 
Now I can quilt over them with ease.
The colors are so bright and vibrant that I couldn't pick just one photo to share...
It's alike an explosion of happy!
"Island Batik" has so generously sponsored me in this fun filled beach adventure.
The fabrics speak for themselves...
don't you agree?
(Just another reason I love being an Island Batik Ambassador)
A big thanks to
Carol at "Just Let Me Quilt"

I might be just a little bit biased...
but I think we did a fabulous job on this BOM!
I do hope you all agree and we can't wait to see your
 "Sun Sand and Sea" quilts soon!
I'd love to post your photos of your finished quilts.
Send them to 

While the books on this one comes to a close, it doesn't mean that we are done.
Nope, not one bit.
Amy has come up with a brand new BOM for next year.
It's still top secret,
but I can tell you that Pat Broe from "Scrapatches" is baaaaaack.
Happy Dance Happy Dance!!!!!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'

Virtual Cookie Exchange

We are busy baking up a storm...
You aren't going to want to miss one bit of this!

Carol over at "Just Let Me Quilt" is gathering us all together to share our favorite recipes,
and other fun holiday ideas with all of YOU!!!
There's something yummy behind these bears...
and it's true, they do make life bearable!

December 5

December 6
MooseStashQuilting (your here)

December 7

See you soon!
til then...
Keep on Stitchin'

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Are you ready for some Football?

Oh heck, not me.
I've got too much to do to sit and watch TV!
It just seemed like the thing to say on a Sunday...
 for me, I've got three projects on my plate right now.
It's my favorite time of the year, when Bonnie Hunter releases her mystery quilt.
My fabrics are starched and hanging to dry.
I find that with Bonnie quilts, it's much easier for me to work on them, 
when I give a good starch to all my fabrics. 
There's a lot of piecing and the starch keeps things from stretching.
Heck, I even find that it makes chain piecing a bit easier too,
as things don't get pushed down into the feed dogs as easily.
I can hardly wait to cut into these and get started.
Next up...
"Table Scraps" is our Island Batik challenge theme for next month.
Use up those scraps, I say!
Nothing better than a scrappy project.
To me it's like a freebie when I can use up leftovers!
Kinda like "Mustgo" for fabric.
Did anyone else's mom ever make "Mustgo"?
Where they use all the leftovers in the fridge.
Ugggh. Some of that was hideous!
We promise no hideous table scraps in our projects!
And finally the last big blog hop for the 2017 
Island Batik Ambassadors.
We will be showing off the brand new 2018 lines of fabric for every season.
I'm super excited about this one, and giddy over my fabrics.
Lets just say it speaks right to my heart!
That's the best hint I can give you.
(winky winky)

I do hope all my USA friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
It has been a year of blessing for us here.
A wedding
a fabulous daughter-in-law
and now a brand new 

You know how us grandma's like to gush over our grand kids!
Is this a face you can't help but love?
His mommy took him for a "4" house walk the other day,
 and he was too pooped to even eat.
Now that's just too funny!!
He's a St. Bernard and they grow so fast, that they sleep about 16 hours a day 
when they are puppies, I'm told.
This little guy "Boss" is 7 weeks old.
His name continues on with the racing theme of their lives.
"Boss" Mustang of course
but the last 2 letters in his name...
SS stands for Super Sport (Camero)
A little something for everyone!

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'